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The CATALYST Coaching Package

A 90 Day intensive & immersive group coaching program to help you solidify the foundations of the new neural network you need to create for real and lasting change!


3 Blended Programs to Make the Next 12 Months the most transformative 12 Months of Your Life. Continue your evolution after the 90 Days with 2 private monthly coaching sessions for the rest of your 9 months as well as FULL access to unlimited courses inside The Collective.

Intensive Coach With Real Results


The coaching you need in the most supportive capacities with both group, and private sessions.


Your annual membership to The Collective is included. 


Gain support, insight, and perspective  

Casual Businesswoman

Here's What's Included:

  • Becoming, The BMI Method, & 90 To New

  • Buy 12 weeks get 12 months of The Collective FREE ( Curate Your Legacy Package )

  • Full Signature Course Immersion

  • Intense Coaching Program to facilitate real change over the span of 90 Days, with weekly coaching, community, etc

  • Coach Curator Collective gives access to unlimited courses for unlimited growth

  • The Bougie Box ( a gift box for your self discovery journey)

  • Business Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Guest Expert Masterclasses

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