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The Bougie BoxTM

It's NEVER been easier to choose the path of self work and personal discovery when you kick off your membership experience by getting your own curated Bougie BoxTM, curated for you, by a woman like you. A complete mystery until you open it up, and it's like this for a reason! 


When we work on ourselves, it involves real action, doing things we've never done before, and going all in to discover amazingly sweet insights. So, within every Bougie BoxTM, each one of you will find a variety of my favorite things like;​

  • Custom108 Mala Beads 

  • Genuine Mala Bead Bracelets

  • Beautiful Crystals

  • A Small Totem or Statue

  • Essential Oils

  • An Affirmation Card

  • Incense & Tray

  • A Journal

  • A Planner

  • A Smooth Gliding Pen

  • Adorable Blue Light Blockers

  • Infused Candles

Help me make my mark in the world of self work for women...

get & give

When you purchase from Coach Curator your money goes towards empowering women facing adversity

Community Support

On top of everything else, discover a community of women going through transformation right along side you!

Personalized Coaching

When you join you are able to get LIVE coaching on the topics of your life, make suggestions, and feel seen and hear AF


Go All In On YOU!

If you haven't noticed already, I've made it really easy for you to choose the deeply personal and very possible task of real transformation! 

Ready? Let's Go!

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