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The questions you probably have, and hopefully the answers you need.

Are you a Certified Life Coach?

Yes. Although this is an unregulated industry Make it public knowledge that I chose to pay for a 21,500 membership because I knew that I needed to learn from my mentor and coach, Brooke Castillo. Was it worth it? Yes. And so are you. I was certified at The Life Coach School.

Do you offer online coaching?

Yes, only to members of The Collective. There will be 1 to 2 LIVE group coaching calls every month. Members receive emails ahead of time about the topic and have the opportunity to sign up for Hot Seat Coaching in front of their peers. This helps everyone learn and takes courage!

Can I purchase a Bougie Box?

The only way to get your hands on The Bougie Box is through the Curate Your Life or Curate Your Legacy membership purchases!

Can I buy 1 course at a time

Not at this time. This membership is built for comprehensive growth, which is why all courses are unlocked with membership. 

More Downloads will be available soon, and you can join the mailing list here for updates.

What is your cancellation policy?

Anyone can cancel at anytime. No refunds are available and members will have access to their content and communities until their current month is expired. Why do I do this? Because as soon as you purchase I have no way of tracking what has been downloaded or what screenshots taken. Due to the nature of online intellectual property & content creation this ensures the ongoing growth of my business.

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